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The Upshift Movement

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NOW is the time to change the world—now as we emerge from the crises triggered by an aggressive virus, an aggressive political leader, and the irresponsible ravaging of the ecology of the planet. These are crises that shake the world, and they open the way to a new world. ( Dr. Ervin Laszlo )

The Upshift Movement

Now we can build a new world. The challenge is to make the new world a better world. To help humankind mobilize its powers to meet this epochal challenge is the objective and the mission of THE UPSHIFT MOVEMENT.


The Upshift Movement is a better-world-promoting initiative launched by Ervin Laszlo and the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research. We invite you to join the Movement and to join the cause for a better world by pledging your commitment to wiser living on our home planet.

What is the Upshift Movement?

The Upshift Movement is a grass-roots based international and intercultural movement dedicated to building a better world.

Why you should join the movement?

As a conscious member of the human community, you are intellectually and morally disposed to find more peaceful and sustainable ways of living on this planet.

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About The Upshift Movement

An important insight is dawning. Crisis is not only danger; it is also opportunity. At the present time, it is the opportunity to shift to a different world. The challenge is to make that world better than the world we now have. We must mobilize our powers of insight and determination to respond to this challenge. The fundamental objective and historic mission of the Upshift Movement is to create the critical mass that makes our emerging from the depth of the crisis the first step toward a better world: the beginning of a true and lasting upshift of humanity.

The Upshift Movement is a grass-roots based international and intercultural initiative launched by Ervin Laszlo and the Laszlo Institute. The operative principle of the Movement is that a better world is built when people seek wiser ways to live and to act—and when the wiser ways they seek are not prescribed by an external authority but come from their own heart and inspiration. The Upshift Movement invites awakened and responsible people to discover and embrace the wiser ways you and I and all people in the human family can live on this planet.


A statement on the occasion of the founding of
The Global Upshift Foundation

The series of crises we experience have deeper significance. They are trials of our ability to survive on this planet, but they are also more. They indicate the unfolding of a deeper process: the evolution of the human community. The Global Upshift Movement is created to respond to this epochal development by bringing together concerned and responsible people to think and to act with imagination and creativity, and also with realism and responsibility.

What is the nature of the deeper evolutionary process? What destiny lies in wait for us — and what can we do about it? To paraphrase Mark Twain, everybody talks about evolution but nobody does anything — or anything really effective — about it. Yet we live at a period in our history when we could do something about our evolution, not the evolution of our brain and body, but the evolution the evolution of the human community. We could bring about a more sustainable and “thrivable” unfolding of this process. Let us look at what avant-garde science can tell us about the nature and the potentials of our current evolution.

Advances in understanding the physics of the universe indicate that we live in a nonrandom, coherence-oriented universe. This universe — “Nature” with a capital ‘N’ — evolves from a state of universal chaos toward the order we find today: an order that enables life, mind and consciousness to evolve on this planet, and perhaps on myriad other planets.

This is a remarkable, quasi miraculous universe. It evolves constantly and consistently but not smoothly and evenly. Its evolution is “nonlinear” — beset with periods of breakdown and even reversal. But these epochs are often followed by leaps to new heights of development.

The overall course of evolution in the universe is discernible. It is a consistent progression toward a condition scientists call “coherence” (coherence in this context means finely-tuned contact and communication among the parts of a system.) The systems themselves are distinct and maintain their identity, but they are deeply connected with each other and are fundamentally one.

The universe evolves complex integral and connected entities — “coherent systems.” In the absence of this evolution space and time would still be what they were in the wake of the singularity known as the Big Bang some 13.7 billion years ago: randomly swirling inert gases, with “no-thing” emerging and persisting in them. Yet in the span of time since the Big Bang the universe brought forth myriad coherent systems on both micro and macro levels — systems of quanta evolving toward molecules and crystals, and the macromolecular cellular systems in which life appears. On the astronomical scale the universe brought forth stars and planets, and stellar systems forming galaxies and systems of galaxies.

The “driver” of this coherence-oriented process is an impetus present in space and time: a “bias” in an otherwise random sequence of physical and physico-chemical interactions. This bias is what spiritual people call the divine love that permeats the world — an orientation toward complexity and coherence foreseen by the “Tao” of the Eastern deligions. This evolution joins distinct elements in larger wholes, in molecules and macromolecules, and cells and organisms, and multi-species ecosystems.

The universe we inhabit is not, and cannot have been, the product of random interactions. While it is true that everything that is in the world could have been produced by random interactions, it could only have been produced in infinite time. In the finite span of time that elapsed since the Big Bang, not even the DNA of a fruit-fly is not likely to have emerged through a random mixing of its elements. The probability that organic life would have evolved through random interactions is similar, according to astrophysicist Sir Fred Hoyle, to the probability that a hurricane blowing through a scrapyard assembles a working airplane.

In the language of science, we can describe the mysterious bias, the “difference that makes the difference” as the presence of an attractor. (Attractors are dynamic tendencies inherent in complex systems. They are postulated by scientists to allow them to decode the system’s developmental trajectory.) The attractor that appears in the universe orients interactions toward creating systems of progessively higher levels of coherence. We can say that the attractor at work in space and time is holotropic (from holos, meaning whole, and tropism, meaning attraction toward some states or conditions in preference to others). Living systems on Earth are advanced manifestations of the holotropism that orients evolution in the universe.

The current period of crisis in our world is part of the evolution that unfolds in the biosphere of the planet. Underlying the surface manifestations of strife, breakdown and chaos, there is a consistent development that brings more and more people and communities into contact and communication with each other. Networks of information and communication join formerly comparatively separate individuals, groups and cultures in embracing ecological, social, and sociocultural systems.

The drive toward coherence is a crucial impetus in the living world. It is a factor in the evolution of human groups and communities as well. It is real and unfolding, but strongly nonlinear. The crises and breakdowns we experience are among its manifestations.

However, the outcome of our descent into chaos and incoherence is not fated. It is a danger, even a survival danger, but it is also a window opening for change and transformation. It weakens the hold of established institutions, values and aspirations and provides fresh opportunities for innovation.

In the natural course of evolution, a downshift into incoherence is followed by an unpshift to higher levels and forms of coherence. This would be the case in the human world as well, but in our case the advent of a timely upshift is not assured. We have enormous powers at our disposal, and we do not always dispose of them in a coherence-favoring fashion. Thresholds of irreversibility are reached, and negative outcomes surface. Fortunately, we can still intervene in the process. We can contribute to the advent of a sustainable upshift knowing that it is a feasible and normal development, part of the evolution that hallmarks the history of human life on the planet.

Enlightened action at the present juncture of the evolution of the human community calls for furthering the upshift phase of this evolution, consciously and purposefully connecting individuals, groups, organizatons and cultures in coherent embracing systems. Current projects for peace, sustainability, and cooperation at both local global levels are indications that this development is on the way.

Furthering the evolution of the human community is the mission of the Upshift Movement. This Movement pursues it mission by promoting the evolution of the dominant consciousness of the modern world. The specific aim is to advance “holotropic consciousness” — the consciousness that inspires oneness and love among people. With the advent of holotropic consciousness we would focus our energies and aspirations on building communities and networks of communities that bring people together in cooperative and coherent wholes. The communities we would form would be driven by the attraction of each of its members for all of the others, and for nature. This would be catalyzed and nourished by the empathy, compassion, and ultimately love people would feel for each other, and for our shared environment. There would not be need for social and political authorities to impose rules and regulations “from above” — humanity’s evolution would be guided from below, by the emerging holotropic consciousness of its members.

The above condition may appear utopian, but its coming is not unassisted. It is supported by the wholeness-oriented universe, by the search for wholeness it inspires in awakened and responsible people. With this evolution backing us, we “go with the force” — with the cosmic and perhaps divine tropism toward oneness and belonging that permeates the living world. We could pursue our cosmically assisted evolution with a well grounded expectation that it will not fail us.

Advancing the development and spread of holotropic consciousness is the noblest and at the same time most practical purpose we can embrace at this time. It is the mission of the Upshift Movement, launched and carried forward by the Global Upshift Foundation, an initiative of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research.

Ervin Laszlo
29 August, 2022


The Upshift Movement aspires to bring together the kind of group of dedicated people anthropologist Margaret Mead had in mind when she said ‘Never to doubt the power of a small group of people to change the world’. The Upshift Movement invites you, a conscious and responsible member of the human community, to be an active part of that group.

The Upshift Movement is a shared enterprise of the human community at this critical juncture of its history. It is a cooperation-based undertaking of conscious and ethical people and not the privileged domain or intellectual property of any individual or group of individuals.

By joining the Upshift Movement you can play your part in helping to create a more peaceful, humane, and sustainable world.


Joining is simple and yet informative and important. Sign up with your name, email and country. Add a short — a few paragraph or even a one-page — message in which you outline your own idea of wiser living. What kind of living is wise for people to adopt today? The basic elements of such living are evident: it is peaceful and sustainable, it does not create rifts and conflict among people, and it does not damage nature. What is wiser living, then, in positive terms?

Do you believe in the importance of adopting wiser living in today’s world, and can you pledge your commitment to follow it? Your thoughts regarding the nature of wiser living and your commitment to it can qualify you to join the Upshift Movement as a full and active Member.


We will review your response to our Call: the ideas and projects for wiser living to which you pledge commitment. We will bring you together with people with similar or complementary ideas and commitments. (Should we need further information, we will come back to you with our questions.)

When we have established the nature and validity of your ideas and projects, we will enter your name in the appropriate category and confirm your membership in the Movement. To welcome you to the Movement, we will send you an informative e-booklet with our compliments. These steps will enable us to live up to the Movement’s mandate by forming groups of committed people who can and intend to pursue collaborative projects aimed at furthering effective initiatives of local or global upshift.

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The management of the Movement

of New Paradigm Research

The executive organ of the Upshift Movement is the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research (LINPR), a public-spirited foundation registered in Italy. It conducts applied and basic research on the new paradigm; organizes live as well as online international and intercultural events, symposiums; publishes books, podcasts and webinars to serve the development of the new paradigm.

The physical location of the headquarters of the Institute is the Central-European cultural capital, the city of Trieste. Regional Project offices will be sought in North and South America, and the Far East.